Sunday, February 7, 2010

Books You Must Read!

These are some of my favorite books. I think every girl should read them because these books have good themes and delightful characters. For the most part they each have some sort of romantic scene to them, which I personally like! LOL Black Beauty is probably my favorite. I know every time I read it I always shed at least one tear, it is a very emotional story.

I would also like to thank Eldarwen for this amazing award. I love it! It was so
sweet of her to think of me! I love it even more since it is my very first award. Thank you again Eldarwen! I am sad to think my weekend is almost over. :( *Tear* Oh, well life will go on!


samarah said...

I'm sad that my weekend is almost over too but hey what can we do about it?! ;)

In Christ,

Cathy said...

You have selected some very fine picks! As you know I enjoy these books too!

Victoria said...

I have read black beauty and I own the book Little Women