Sunday, February 28, 2010

Drawing :)

Here is a drawing I drew last night. It's a drawing of Alice in Wonderland. It's definitely not the best in the world. But I guess it turned out okay. :) Sorry, it didn't turn out darker. :( Man, I wish I had an artistic talent! I absolutely love drawing. Oh well, I'm still very thankful for what God has given me. :)

I am so sad, because the Olympics is going off. *Tear falling from cheek* I am going to miss it so much. It's kind of like Christmas or your birthday in some ways because Christmas and your birthday come only once a year. So when it comes you are so pumped up and excited about it. :) But the Olympics comes every two years. :( :(:(:(:( ! LOL

I would like to say Eldarwen is having a giveaway. So go check it out. :) Also I would like to wish Samarah a very Happy Birthday! :)


Lady Florimel said...

Thanks for following my blog too! :)

-Bess- said...

I like it! =) I wonder how the new "Alice in Wonderland" flick will be.
Yes, I'm sorry to see the Olympics go, too! I hope the U.S. can win that hockey game!

My Imaginary Horse said...

Hey Rose!
My name is Elizabeth. I'm Lady Florimel's sister :) I really like your blog!


Eldarwen said...

It's beautiful! =D
I really like the drawing, Rose! ;)

Your friend,

•Karis Brown• said...

Great drawing, Rose!

Love your blog!


Rose said...

Thank you guys so much. Ya'll are all so sweet.:) I'm really glad ya'll like my drawing. :)

samarah said...

that's a really good drawing Rose! :D its better than I could ever do! I'm SO sad that the Olympics are over too :( thanks for the birthday wish!! :)
hope you have a great day!
Love in Christ,