Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome MARCH!

All I can say is WELCOME MARCH! It feels extraordinary to say that.

The warm 60-70 degree weather has brought outdoor activities to the neighborhood. I love the warm weather it make me feel free and joyful. I took one too many pictures today. :) I have some I will be sure to show you, I just don't know what to say with the pics. I hope you like my (early) Spring pics, I'm saying Spring because it feels amazingly like it. :) I had such a blast being outside barefooted. Did you get that- BAREFOOTED! Meaning no shoes! *Mouth drop* Yes, I was barefooted and it's not even Spring yet. =) I just love being barefooted. I decided to make my pics larger so you can see them better. HeeeeHeeee! It's so true the picture of the flower above is in my yard. The first flower I've seen this year. If I'm right flowers mean warm weather, which means Spring, which means SUMMER! Yeah, Summer is just around
the corner. Yip! Yip! Hurray!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I love you blog! And absolutley love your music! lol I'm following! Thanks for following me!

God Bless,
Bleah Briann

samarah said...

cool pictures, Rose! I ALWAYS go barefooted in the summer!! I can't stand wearing shoes! haha ;)

Rose said...

Samarah-I know shoes are awful!

Bleah- Thank you I like you blog a lot too!

Melody said...

Hi Rose! I found your blog off of Stephanie's. :) I LOVE your pictures! You have real artistic talent!
I'm following. ;)