Monday, April 19, 2010

The River.....near my Grandmother

There is a river or creek near my grandparents, not walking distance, and since we went to see them this weekend we thought, ''Why not go to the river!'' My dad was so concerned about me falling in. I don't think he had a good time. Dads are so like that, but I love my dad so it doesn't matter.

It was such a warm day that the water was quite refreshing. I couldn't help but to dip my toes into the cool water.

Guess What!?!?!? I got my braces off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been so excited about sharing that with ya'll! I know in the pics you can't really tell since I was being good and wearing my retainer.


Eldarwen said...

Congrats about getting your braces off, Rose! I noticed that in the pictures. Nice! ;)

The river looks BEAUTIFUL! Oh, I wanna go there! Around here, it's flat lands, green grass, bluebonnets and.... cattle. lol =D Maybe a few mossy ponds here and there. :)

Love you!

Rose said...

Thank you thank you Eldarwen! I know, to bad i cant go there every day with my camera,Bible and diary! So I could do my spending time with the Lord. I thank it's quite enchanting:)

Love You,

Lindsey said...

Pretty pictures Rose =)
~Lindsey Rose~

samarah said...

Beautiful pictures! the river looks gorgeous! :)


Tay in Real Life said...

Simply beautiful! Yay no more braces!!


Melody said...

Ooh, what a beautiful river! We have a river in our backyard, but it's big and rather dirty. :P Yours looks so nice and pretty!

And that's awesome that your have your braces off! It's such an amazing feeling, isn't it? :)



Rose said...

Thank you guys! I have to say wearing them was totally worth it!

Taylor said...

Hi Rose,
I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! :) You seem like a really sweet girl. =)

Congratulations on getting your braces off!! I actually just got mine on yesterday. lol! (I'm 17 and finally getting all my dental work done! :D)

... Anyway... I love these photos, and that creek is beautiful! I'm sure it was a fun place to take pictures.

Have a blessed day!

~ Taylor