Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't You Just Want To Scream!!!!!!

Now you see it! I know a lot of you have asked what kind of camera I was getting and here it is. WOO! Here's what is looks like. These pics are amazing I didn't do any editing except I turned the first one black and white, trust me.:)  I love the way you can see my dog's nose. It's the coolest picture ever.

I have been waiting all day to tell y'all about my camera. Now finally I have been able to. Here is how my day has been.
                    Wake up*yawn* start school, go on walk, do more school, eat lunch* think* '' Okay, I will be able to do my post know.'' Mom said ''Let's go run some errands ." Me ''M...o..m!'' Runs to different stores, * looks at watch, sighs*. Takes my sister to ballet, eats supper, cleans kitchen*rushes* Me '' I wish I had twenty arms so I could do this faster!'' *Sigh* Finally downloads pics, me, '' Come on, LOAD!!!" Now after this exhausting day I is here to finally post about my camera.


Tay in Real Life said...

OOOOOOO congrats on the new camera!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo! I'm the first to comment! ;)
I love those pics, Rose!
Especially the flower one!
How did you merge the three pictures on the last one?
I can totally understand about the busy day...when will life ever slow down?
God Bless!
Sister in Christ,
Emily of Jones Creek

Rose said...

Emily- Thanks, and I was playing around with my camera and found how you could take three pics and make a college. It's kinda hard to explain!

Tay- Thanks!:)

samarah said...

ohhh that's so awesome Rose! :) those pictures are stunning! I'm saving up for a camera ( like yours) and I can't wait!! but it will be a long while before I get enough money saved... but I'm still excited! :)


samarah said...

Hey Rose!
You've got 2 awards for you over at my blog!


Lindsey Rose said...

Yeah for you Rose!! Love the pictures and the camera!!

Lady Florimel said...

Really like these pictures!! :)
Lady Florimel~

Rose said...

Thank you thank you! Thanks Samarah for the awards I love them!

Much Love,

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Pretty please come over to this post:
and nominate the people you'd like to win an award! Please read the rules and then nominate! A great way to end the summer!

With Love and Bleassings,
Bleah Briann

Love Unawakened said...

I love the way you write!!

Really Ramona said...

Whoa. Dog noses have those ridges?! That is sooo cool! :D

Rose said...

Love Unawakened-Thanks!!!!!

Ramona-I know right?!?!

Hannah said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL, Rose! I'm really exited to get my SLR camera this summer(!!).

And, I gave you the "prolific blogger award" on my blog. Just check my latest post, alright?


Cathy said...

Have I told you enough that you are an amazing person, daughter and future photographer? I am ready for you to take over and become my official photographer.