Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Little Ballerina

My littlest ballerina swings and she sways to what ever song plays, without a care in the world. Charlotte had her Garden Performance Saturday! She did a grand job catching the rhythm of the classical music. I had  many great pics, but they had other children in them and I wanted to respect the families and not show them on the Internet. These, my dear friends, were the ones I got stuck with! The one above is foggy, am I right? I was playing around with film grainy and stuff like that, but as I look closer I love it. It's very unique. I love unique things. They're well.... unique!

 Please tell me you have heard of silly bands? Well, if not they are the newest fad. Every one is wearing them. They are rubber band bracelets that have really cool shapes. I had a friend give me a few Sunday in youth. Everyone in youth was wearing them on their wrists.  I wanted to be different, therefore, I put them on my ankle. Several guys said you're not cool since you're not wearing them on your wrist. The more I think about that statement the more I began to realize, I 'm suppose to be different. I'm not supposed to follow the ways of the world. God wants me to be separate from the world. I know being a teenage girl in this world today is  hard, we are constantly having to say ''NO'' to things. But isn't Jesus better than shoes, cloths, money, BRACELETS, and many other things? If we have Jesus then we have every thing, Okay, back to the point. If we are different, 99% of the time, we possibly will be made fun of. We as Christians are called...to be different and to stand out, for Christ I would do anything!


Lindsey Rose said...

Very nice post Rose! The pictures are nice and have a personal touch!
I love the verse (its probably my favorite) that says we are in the world, but we are not supposed to be OF this world. Really nice post! Love, Lindsey

Rose said...

Thank you darling!!!!!

Love u!

Sisters said...

What a great perspective!
Thanks Rose!

Sisters said...

P.S. I love your songs. The second one the best :)

Sisters said...

Love you photos on this post. Great camera.

Grace said...

I love the photo's Rose.


P.S.I've awarded you

samarah said...

Those are such sweet pictures of Charlotte! I love her name :)

Love in Christ,
Samarah ♥

Really Ramona said...

Hi, Rose! I have been thinking about your blog entry. I think the silly bands are really cool! They're so pretty. It's also great that you wish to be unique. However, I think God would not oppose anybody who wanted to wear silly bands on the wrist, or to be like everybody else. To be like everybody else does not necessarily mean that you betray your true identity. Perhaps you just happen to like what a number of other people also like. :D Also, God will not oppose anybody who wants to be different. To wear them on the wrist or on the ankles does not matter. To be different or like everybody else does not matter. What matters is that in choosing our personality, we do not sever our relationship with God and sin. Summarized, I think God will love us no matter what, if we're like everybody else or if we're different.

I know what you mean, though, by the Bible verse. I really like that, too. I just think it does not apply to this case. Generally, all silly bands are of this world.

Just an opinion.

If the guys hurt you with what they said, offer the hurt to Jesus and configure it with His own sufferings. Also, I'm sure other people must have found bands on the ankles cool. :)

I'm just another teenage girl struggling in this world and trying to be closer to God, even if I am not always successful. I'm Christian, and you are, too. We're both daughters of God. We're sisters. In giving this comment, I'm just showing my sisterliness. I don't mean to offend. :)

God bless. :)

PS. I so love your blog! :D

Maggie said...

Those photos are so pretty! The one that you said is grainy is my favorite! I have never seen or heard of those bands until just now reading your post. Interesting... (I live in a small town, so in the next year or so they will start being in where I live, lol!)

I am new to your blog and following you. I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


Rose said...


Grace-I love the award

Samarah- I know I love here name too!!!!!!!

Ramona-Thank you so much for you loving words:)


Love you all,

richelle jean said...

read your about me and i was homeschooled too. :) ain't it lovely? moms are great. and i love those colorful bracelets!