Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Zoo

Recently, I had to the opportunity to go to the zoo, with a couple of friends from church. I haven't been to the zoo in years, so this was a real treat. I felt like a little kid running into the zoo squealing for joy because, I was going to see wild and exotic animals. Ever since I was  little I have always loved animals of all kinds, but when it comes to reptiles and sharks, I turn into a chicken, however.

I was very disappointed when I found out that the polar bears would not be out, due to their cage being rebuilt. For a few minutes, I was in the depths of despair, but got over it quickly, when I saw the lemurs.

It must have been a sight seeing all these teenage girls running here and there saying in high pitched voices  how cute that certain animal was.

When we got to the flamingos all of us were holding our noses and gaging at the horrid smell. I was sitting there saying, ''Next, let's go to a place where the animal don't smell like old shrimp.'' All in all the zoo was a wonderful adventure. I enjoyed every minute of it and would love to go again very soon.


Grace said...

Looks like fun. We went to a zoo not to long ago. I love the Meerkats best of all. They were really small and cute.


Josie said...

Ooh! I love these pictures! These are great! :D

RiaRamona said...

These are niiice! How close were you to the lion? :D

samarah said...

Oh I love the zoo!! :D

samarah said...

I tagged you! :)