Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorry :(

It feels as if it has been five thousand years since I last posted.  Life has been absoluetly crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
With school, church and sick grandparents and just life, I haven't had a time to slow down and breathe, but know I do (breathe, that is) and  I am very happy to. It feels good to sit down and relax. I have missed blogging so much but have forgotten about it too at times.

 OOPS!!!! I haven't even had time to work on my photography. I can't believe I've been doing school for almost four months now. It has just flown by and I haven't even noticed.  I am hoping to blog more in the days to come.

I hope everyone is having a good day so far.

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samarah said...

AHHHHH!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!! I've missed YOU SO MUCH!! :) Can you tell I'm excited??!! I know what you mean by life being crazy :/

I'm so glad you're back dear friend!
looking forward to catching up with you.... :)

with love,