Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter :)

Here are some pics from Easter. I love Easter.. such a beautiful time of the year. One of the things that just annoys we about Easter is the Easter bunny... because that's not the reason we have Easter its because of Jesus Christ our saviour who died for our sin and wickedness given us eternal life with him.

Sorry I haven't posted lately.. but I've been really sick.. so just pray for me that I will get better and that I want have to have surgery.


Sierra said...

You are so gorgeous girl!And so are your little sisters.I didn't get dressed up because I was getting my lovely of the month(not!) but my little sister did.Our church is casual so we didn't get kicked out :)
I still try to look my bast.And I almost worked in the nursery and it might not be wise to go in all dressed up like that...Sierra
keep Growing Beautiful♥

Shelley said...

Lovely Easter photos Rose! I'll pray for you! :)

Marley T. said...

Hope you're all right, Rosie Posie! Surgery?!? That's not good... love these beautiful pics. Feel better soon! :)