Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello There... Mr. Caterpillar

Several weeks ago, my sister pointed out a group of baby caterpillars located on my Mom's parsley. Over the past week we forgot about the caterpillars. Today, during lunch my Mom pointed out how big they have grown and eaten up half her parsley. I was so fascinated by the little creatures that I couldn't help but to snap a few shots of them.  My sister Charlottle said "If you listen you can hear them munching." I didn't hear them, but perhaps I wasn't listening close enough.

       Although I love summer and seeing the caterpillars and all of Gods amazing little creatures, I am overwhelmingly excited about fall and cool weather. I'm ready for jeans, hoodies, scarves and boots as well as the smell, the crisp air and beauty of the leaves. I personally love all the seasons. Their is not one that I love more then the rest. Thank you God for all the seasons.


*Lizzie* said...

WOW! you got some pretty cool photo shots of those cute little Caterillars!! Great job! :)
God bless!

Victoria said...

Awwwwww! Who knew caterpillars were so adorable? :)
- Victoria

samarah said...

Your header is gorgeous!!!!