Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beauty of the earth :)

Aren't theses holly bushes just beautiful! I absolutly love holly bushes. :) The berries are always so red and magnificent. I don't like the prickly leaves. I remember one time I was pushed into a holly bush while playing soccer with some friends. Trust me it is not very pleasant. LOL :)

Wow! Saturday has just flashed by. Maybe because were went to the movies all afternoon. We saw The Princess & the Frog. It was cute. :) Charlotte enjoyed it the most. But I must say say I too enjoyed it. It might have been a "little kid" cartoon movie but it was still entertaining. :) I will confess I quit enjoy little kid movies. I hope ya'll enjoy the rest of your Saturday. :)


Hannah said...

Very pretty. Love the contrast between the deep reds and greens.

Kids movies are sometimes the best. Sometimes.

Rose said...

Oh, me too. I love red and green together.
Yes, I totally agree with you children movies are mostly the best movies. :)

Lady Florimel said...

Hello Rose!
I was blog jumping and found your adorable blog! I really like your photography, it's pretty awesome!! Feel free to check out my blog too (I love newcomers!) :)
Blessings in Him,
~Lady Florimel~