Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here I am!!!! I had so much fun at the beach, I never wanted to come back! Well I would share my many pics but unfortunately my camera is not downloading the pics, I wish I knew why. So This is a little post to let you know I am not dead. Please pray that I can find out the problem with my camera, so I will be able to share the pics with you. I have been  really mad about it but have cooled off  now.

I was so glad to hear that Eldarwen is back!!!!! So Welcome back Eldarwen! I have missed her very much.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers day!
P.S. This was taken with my Mom's camera which does download.


samarah said...

yay!! you're back!! :) I've missed you both :) I'm so glad to hear that you had fun at the beach! adorable picture!! ahh... so sorry about your camera! hope it starts working soon... I wanna see pictures! ;)

hope you are having a great day!

Meghan and Molly said...

Great photo Rose.

I am still all over that header name of yours (:


Rose said...

Samarah- Thank you I hope my camera will work soon to, I had so much fun at the beach a little sun burnt but that's not bad. I'm glad to be back too. I've missed blogging. HAHA

Meghan- I'm glad you like my header name! HAHAHA

Much Love,

Maggie said...

How fun! We are going to the beach in December to get away from the cold, I am so excited because I live in Missouri and there is no beach anywhere near by as far as I know. :P I can't wait to see the pictures once your camera uploads. :)