Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Part 2

                                                 This is my family. I feel bad because, Charlotte got cut out of the picture, poor thing.  You can barely see the top of her head. LOL

                                                    Bridal Party


Some more wedding photos. These were taken by a friend not the photographer. They are still very good. I look very awkward in all these pics. See if you can find me. LOL I'm kinda hidden in the second one. Witt and Claire make such a beautiful couple.

This might be my last post before I go to the beach on Saturday. I want be back the following Saturday.  I will miss you all so much. Even though I won't be posting  I will still  check up on all of ya'll.  Well, got to go . Good bye for now!


Lindsey Rose said...

I love the pictures; they are beautiful!! You look a lot like your mom, I think :) You all are SO beautiful!! I already miss you knowing that it will be a little while until your next post! I hope you have a great time at the beach!
With much love, Lindsey

samarah said...

Beautiful pics! I found ya! You don't look awkward... you look very pretty ;) I like your new blog layout! Hope you have fun at the beach!!

Callie said...

I love you blog!

Callie said...

Your Blog is soooooooo pretty!

Rose said...

Thank you guys so much