Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Review

On Saturday afternoon I went to go see Beastly with my friend Hannah. I had been wanting to see this movie ever since I'd seen the trailer for it on television. I was so excited as I walked into the theater with my popcorn in one hand and a Dr. Pepper in the other. The theater was pretty crowded but we were still able to find pretty good seating. I started squealing as the movie began and squeezed my friend Hannah's hand.

The movie is a modern day story of Beauty and the Beast. Its about this guy who has everything, good looks, wealth, popularity, as well as pride and a cold heart. A witch came to him giving him a second chance to be kind and stop thinking everything was all about him, but he failed. Therefore, the witch turned him into  an ugly beast. She gave him a year to find someone to love him for who he was or stay beastly forever. So he (Kyle) went on a mission to find a girl. There had been this girl at his school who was very unique and not like everyone else he had met. There was something different about her. So he went to find her and he found out that her life was in danger so he took her in. She had no idea who he was and she had never seen his face because he covered it. He finally decided to show her his face and she was no impulses or run away., he said, "It's pretty rough isn't it?" She replied, '' I've seen worse", and walked away. After that he began to get to know her and realized that she loved roses. He built her a green house and put roses in it. He also had a tutor who was blind. A year was almost up and he went to  the witch and said "I please give me more time!" and she told him she could not. "If I succeed please give my friend back his sight and the girl her family back". At that moment he realized he actually cared about someone besides himself. At the end of the movie he sucessed .

I personally loved this movie it as amazing. The only thing is that the language was kinda harsh, but the story itself was amazing and had a good lesson to it. That pride and selfishness is ugly and turns you ugly but being humble and thinking about others is beautiful.


Sierra said...

Yeah.I thought it looked good too.
Language definitely a problem.Might get to see it.depending on my rents'.

Rose said...

Yeah, It was very good I would totally see it again:)

Grace said...

Looks alright. Although I probably won't get to see it.