Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Spring Spring

I just love Spring....seeing all the flowers and the warm sun shining down on you,pulling out the short sleeves and flip flops. The weather here has been crazy for quite a few days it was in the 80's and now its in the 60's.
Well I haven't posted recently because of Life Action visiting my church. I have enjoyed it so much, tonight will be there last night and I have grown very close to some of them and it is going to be hard saying bye. I am so thankful for technology so you can keep in contact with people all the way across the country. On Saturday I was at church from 9-5:30 and I had a ball.  From 9-12:30 we did bible study then we went out to the gym and played dodge ball and basketball. I love dodge ball but basketball Isn't my thing, if you know what I mean, so my friend and I watched the guys play. My Friend Hannah looked at me with a disgusted face and said "Ugh I have never smelt something so appauling as sweaty guys". I couldn't help but to laugh not just because what she said was funny but her face exspression was hilarious. Then dodge ball came and The team I was on creamed the other team we were beast out there. hahaha I wasn't scared of getting hit because thats just part of the game, but I happened to get hit right in the face and it hurt. I just laughed then took the ball I had been holding and threw it at the person who had hit me and hit them in the back of the face. Other then that I didnt get hit the rest of the game.

In hope everyone has had a great week so far.


*Lizzie* said...

Beautiuful pictures Rose!
I LOVE dodge ball!!!! Our church is going to have a BIG game of that in April! It will be fun!
OH! I hate getting hit in the face with a ball though! It hurts so bad for a bit! =) But I think dodge ball is still fun =)
God bless!

A Servant 4 Christ,

Jordan said...

Sounds like fun! really good pictures btw! <3

Gigi said...

Hi there! What beautiful photos and sweet pretty faces!

Chloe~Jane said...

You all look so lovely. :D